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The Language Training Center (LTC) at NC State University is a Department of Defense initiative aimed at improving the language skills, regional expertise and intercultural communication skills of military personnel and providing venues of collaboration between DOD units and institutions of higher learning. The LTC is funded by the National Security Education Program, through the Defense Language National Security Education Office.

Our mandate is to provide the highest quality language and culture training to any military partner, at no cost to the unit requiring training. Students participating in the courses can in some cases receive college credit for their course and have their NC State University tuition paid by our grant.

The NCSU LTC is now in its eighth year of operation, training in a broad range of languages and serving a number of military units, among them the JFK Special Warfare Center and School, Joint Special Operations Command, Military Information Support Operations Command and the Special Operations Forces Teletraining System (SOFTS) at Fort Bragg and Eglin Air Force Base.

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